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College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies


The department of Arabic Language for Non-native speakers was established as one of the departments of the College of Science and Theoretical Studies, and according to the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (23/75/1735 H), corresponding to 1/2/1435 AH, which approved the establishment of the College. The department plans to prepare programs and academic plans for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.

Head of the Department

Head of the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Department

The foreign language learning movement around the world indicates an ever-growing number of people who are striving to be multilingual or already are. In this context, learning the Arabic language receives global attention, not only among Muslims around the world, for whom the Arabic language represents a religious depth and an indispensable cultural and fraternal bond, but the need for it is growing in all countries of the world for reasons: (political, economic, academic, cultural, social, and touristic).

Therefore, those wishing to learn the Arabic language have the right to find educational programs that achieve their goals, meet their needs, overcome linguistic difficulties that they may face, and are consistent with their aspirations and expectations for the best teaching methods and tools, and that is the duty of scientific institutions concerned with teaching the Arabic language and spreading it around the world.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played a pioneering role in spreading the Arabic language and teaching it to non-native speakers, since 1967 AD, when it opened institutes and centers for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in most of its universities, and published institutes and centers for teaching it around the world. The private sector and the charitable sector worked to promote the spread of Arabic and support its teachers and learners through training courses for teachers, preparing series of educational materials, designing electronic software, programs for teaching the Arabic language on the Internet, and providing consulting services to universities and institutes concerned with teaching the Arabic language around the world.

The Saudi Electronic University programs for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers "Arabic on the Internet" and "Arabic Standard Test" come to contribute to achieving the humanitarian mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented in supporting and enhancing human communication and cultural exchange and facilitating ways of dialogue, coexistence and mutual respect between cultures and peoples, by creating Effective scientific initiatives in spreading the Arabic language as the key to Arab culture, the language of the Islamic religion and the Arab nation, and facilitating access to it using the latest and most high-quality distance education

technologies in a scientific curriculum based on successful experiences and globally approved standards, within its contemporary eloquent normative context, and in its vital and functional dimension, that connects learning to life.


Head of the Department of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers

     Dr. Asma bint Abdulmana Al-Hammadi

About the test.

Stemming from the Saudi Electronic University's vision and mission to introduce innovative patterns of learning and educational technology, the Standardized Arabic Test is introduced to be a pioneer addition to the measurement of Arabic Language learners’ language competency in all four skills: (listening- speaking- reading- writing), and linguistic elements: (phonetics - vocabulary – syntax - morphology - semantics). The test is introduced once the university has noticed that the biggest challenge is in the urge of preparing a test for measuring Arabic learners’ linguistic competency; for the lack of a structured test supported by an institutional government effort to achieve this goal. This test is prepared and designed after reviewing similar experiments, thus taking advantage of the international standards recognized in the field of measurement and assessment, and taking into account the special features of the Arabic language. The test is now available in more than 5,000 centers around the world, and starts from the same platform of other international standardized tests, such as TOEFL. Arabic language learners nowadays can measure their language abilities anywhere in the world due to the great global spread of this test. The test was applied to large groups representing the target groups of non-Arabic speakers around the world. We look forward with great confidence and hope that this leading project will be a global benchmark in measuring the skills of non-native Arabic learners.

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