College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

The Dean Meets the Collage’s Administrative Staff


Her Excellency Dr. Soha Mohammed Fallata, Dean of the College of Science and Theoretical Studies, met with the college's administrative staff on Monday, Safar 26, 1445 AH; at the start of the academic year 1445 AH; The meeting was attended by Their Excellencies the college deputies, the heads of the college's departments, the director of the online English language diploma program, the registration coordinators in the scientific departments, and the college's employees.

Her Excellency welcomed everyone and extended her thanks and appreciation to all the employees of the college for their fruitful efforts in the past years, which contributed to achieving the college’s aspirations, the success of the past academic year 1444 AH, and to the excellence of the educational process in the college. The Dean called on everyone to continue their efforts for more achievements, development and success for the college and its members, including faculty members, employees, and students, and for its services, scientific programs, and educational outcomes.

Several aspects related to human resources, the administrative environment at the college, and academic, educational and student affairs were discussed in the meeting.

Her Excellence, The Dean, stressed the importance of cooperation, coordination of efforts, and exchange of experiences among college employees to overcome all challenges and benefit from promising opportunities and to achieve the goals of the university’s Strategic Plan 2025.

Dr. Soha Fallata listened to the ideas of Their Excellencies the Vice Deans of the College, heads of academic departments, registration coordinators, and college employees, which included many proposals stemming from their striving for the success of the academic, educational, and administrative work in the College, and achieving the highest quality standards in its academic and educational outcomes.

At the end of the meeting, Her Excellency Dr. Soha Fallata, distributed certificates of appreciation to a number of college employees, in appreciation of their high responsibility and commendable efforts during the registration period, and in resolving students tickets with efficiency and professionalism.

This meeting is held annually at the beginning of each academic year for members of the college’s administrative staff. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Fallata thanked everyone for their attendance, asking Allah to grant them success and prosperity