College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

Dean's Speech

     It is my pleasure to welcome visitors of the College of Science and Humanities Studies electronic portal. Special greetings go to our dear students as being the center of our attention, the heart of our objectives, and the future power who will carry our mission and continue our journey in building and developing our country it to achieve out ambitious vision.

Despite its newly establishment, the college attempts to achieve its vision and mission through attracting the best experienced and highly qualified specialized academic staff. The college is eager to ensure developments in all levels of administrations, with a purpose to achieve ultimate efficiency in the transfer of knowledge and sciences to the citizens of the nation. Therefore, it followed advanced management policies and methods on the one hand, and developed the curricula and advanced them to ensure its compatibility with latest updates and variables on the other hand. The national academic staff receives special treatment that aims to promote its knowledge via opening the opportunities to study abroad under full scholarships.

Teaching strategies in The College of Science and Humanities Studies adopts the blended education policy followed in all colleges of the Saudi Electronic University. This learning policy combines traditional face to face lectures and virtual classes. Students also interact with the teachers through the electronic portal; they submit their assignments, participate in discussions, and do short quizzes. The college has a number of departments including the department of Law, Arabic for non-Speakers , English and Translation, Humanities, and Basic Studies.

Confidently, we are moving in the path towards the future, depending on Allah His Mighty to assist us in reaching our goals, believing that hard work always pays off. We give our young men and women all the trust in their abilities and provide them with all the means to enhance their practical and educational capabilities. May Allah help us all to achieve our goals.

Dean of the College of Science and Theoretical Studies
Dr. Badr Ben Bakhit Almodarra