College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies


The College of Science and Theoretical Studies offers a bachelor's program in digital media offered by the college's online media department. The managers of the electronic media department are looking to attract talents from those wishing to study specialization in its advanced technical form and its attractive multi spaces. They dealt with a different dimension to study this program, compared to its counterparts in other universities, by pairing the consolidation of theoretical concepts with skillful applications in order to enhance the university's role and mission in this context.


Providing the student with information and knowledge related to digital media systems and legislations, ethics, theories and effects, and the Internet and modern communication technologies.

Enables students to prepare media materials suitable for presentation via the Internet and its applications.

Developing students' capabilities in conducting media research, public and public opinion studies, and planning and implementing media campaigns.

Raising the efficiency of students in criticizing and analyzing digital media materials

Refine students ’talents in using digital media techniques effectively.

Providing the appropriate environment to train students in operating and managing digital media platforms inside and outside the university.

Program outcomes

Jobs of researchers and media professionals.

Journalist Editors Jobs.

Jobs of researchers and youth care and development specialists

Software authors jobs.

Software watchdog functions.

Software directors jobs.

Broadcasters jobs.

Print Monitor Jobs.

Procurement and Public Relations Specialist jobs.

Digital Public Relations Specialist.

E-Marketing Specialist.

Photographer and manufacturer of sound and film materials.

Academic specializing in digital media.

Multimedia journalist.

Visual designer.

Digital product.

Specialized in animation industry.

A developer of digital advertising materials.