College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

Holding the periodic meeting of the college employees


Within the periodic meetings of the employees of the College of Science and Theoretical Studies, His Excellency the Dean of the College met on Monday evening 9/12/1444 AH; Corresponding to 3/4/2023 AD; Faculty members in all scientific departments of the college.

His Excellency the Dean of the College Dr. Soha bint Mohammed Fallata, congratulating the audience on the remainder of the blessed month of Ramadan, asking Allah to accept fasting and good deeds from everyone.

Then, the meeting began to discuss the main axes, the most prominent of which was the development of the college's strategic plan, which is expected to be completed in all its details before the end of the third semester, which will be compatible with the university's strategic plan for the next five years. All faculty members have been invited and the scientific departments to actively contribute to the development of the plan and agree on it from all concerned parties, to achieve the goals of the college in concern and the goals of university in general.

The program accreditation file was also reviewed to achieve the highest quality of academic programs and postgraduate studies in the college, which puts the Saudi Electronic University in a privileged position among Saudi, regional, and international universities, according to programmatic accreditation, and the requirements of bodies and institutions that provide accreditation for various programs and urged everyone to actively contribute to committees and teams. concerned with working on programmatic accreditation requirements.

A number of topics of importance to the scientific departments and the college and its employees were reviewed, through the interventions of the attending members, to achieve everything that contributes to increasing job satisfaction, enhancing the status of the university and the programs it offers through the scientific departments in the colleges, and enhancing community confidence in the programs offered by the university, including It reflects positively on the performance levels of the college and university employees.

At the end of the meeting, the Dean thanked the President of the University, Prof. Lilac bint Ahmed Al-Safadi, for her continuous support to the College of Science and Theoretical Studies, and its employees, at all levels.

The Dean also thanked everyone for attending the meeting and for their positive interaction through their enriching interventions and their keenness to achieve the vision, mission, and goals of the college in particular, and the university in general, stressing that periodic meetings will continue in each semester, for everyone's participation in the college's issues and challenges that it may face, and their visions for work together to treat it.