College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies

Dean of the Faculty of Science and theoretical studies meets faculty members.


Her Excellency the dean of the College of Science and theoretical studies, Dr. Soha Mohammed Fallata, met on Wednesday, 21 Safar 1445 ah; with the faculty members and their counterparts at the College, in which several topics and proposals were highlighted, all of which aim to facilitate and improve the educational environment.

Her Excellency the Dean began the meeting by welcoming the faculty members and their counterparts at the College, the vice deans of the college, and the heads of departments with the beginning of the academic year 1445h; she thanked and appreciated everyone for their efforts during the previous period, which contributed to the success of the last academic year 1444h; and contributed to the excellence of the educational process at the college.

The dean stressed the importance of cooperation, coordination of efforts and exchange of experiences among the faculty staff to overcome all challenges and take advantage of promising opportunities to achieve the goals of the University's Strategic Plan 2025

Her Excellency listened to the interventions of the vice deans of the college and the members, which included many proposals, recommendations, and visions that stem from their keenness on the success of the academic and administrative work at the college and achieving the highest quality standards in its research and academic outputs.

One of the most prominent points discussed at the meeting was:

-  Clarifying the mechanism of implementing the institutionalization of social responsibility in the college.

-  Clarifying the mechanism of communication between the Deanship of the college and its various administrative agencies and units.

-  Encourage participation in the activities carried out by the college, whether directed to faculty members and their equivalents, or student activities.

-  Emphasizing the college's keenness to increase the scientific research published by the members, prepare realistic and actionable research that contributes to community service, and participate in grants and research opportunities provided by the University.

-  Attention to the quality files of the courses, and preparation for program accreditation.

-  The importance of following up the status of students academically and activating academic guidance.

- Enhancing student participation and providing activities that stimulate critical thinking, problem solving and develop creative thinking skills, through the interactive hour, and committing to submit a report on the content of the interactive hour and evaluating students ' interaction and participation by the end of the semester.

It should be noted that this is the second regular meeting of the dean of the college with the faculty members of the College, who in turn thanked everyone for attending the meeting, wishing them an inspiring university year, achieving goals and aspirations, and distinguished by impressive success.