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Minister of Education launches first global test for measuring Arabic language



H.E. Minister of Education Dr. Azzam bin Mohammed Al-Dekhel praised the efforts made by the Saudi Electronic University to implement the program (Standard Arabic Test) and pointed out that it is a qualitative scientific shift in the field of Arabic language testing registered on behalf of Saudi Arabia, because of its great importance in Spreading the science of the language of the anti-native language in the world.

His Excellency said in a speech during the launch today of standardized Arabic Test program at the headquarters of the Electronic University in Riyadh, in the presence of the University's President Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Musa: I am proud to be at the electronic university that sought to implement this program Launched from the land of the airstrip of revelation and the land of the Arabic language and its cradle to enhance the status of the Arabic language across 5,000 centers in the world along with international standardized tests.

According to His Excellency, what distinguishes this qualitative initiative is its comprehensiveness and access to the world, where it reaches different countries of the world, and enables everyone to test the Arabic language from anywhere without bother.

In his speech, His Excellency addressed the importance of e-learning and modern technologies that have contributed to the promotion of education, noting that young people of this age are well aware of these techniques and should be involved in this, and encouraged to benefit from them in an exemplary way.

His Excellency noted the support found by various sectors in the Kingdom from the custodian of the two holy mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - May God bless him - including the education sector, explaining that the process of work and production continues in our country under our wise leadership while the valiant soldiers defend the nation's insinuations in Operation "Packet Storm".

For his part, The President of the Electronic University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Musa, thanked the Minister of Education for launching this program, which was implemented in accordance with the best international practices in measuring linguistic proficiency, taking into account the specificity of the Arabic language so that anyone from anywhere in the world can conduct A standard test of his Arabic language with ease.

Dr. Al-Musa praised The Keenness of His Excellency Dr. Azzam Al-Dekhel to launch the standard Arabic test program since he was briefed on its details recently, saying that His Excellency encouraged the League to implement the program and move it from local to international to promote the transfer of Arabic to non-native speakers to various countries of the world.

He pointed out that the Certificate of the Saudi University to measure the Skills of the Arabic language obtained by the students will be a document with high global credibility that corresponds to the level of proficiency of language skills and components.

For his part, Dr. Hassan Al-Ma'ad al-Shamrani, supervisor of the Standard Arabic Testing Program, explained in a speech during the ceremony, that the program supports the arrival of arabic language to the world through an agreement signed by the Electronic University with an American international company to apply this test in 5,000 centers in the world In parallel with international standard tests such as toefl and ilets.

Dr. Al-Shamrani said that the only standard Arabic test program in the world that tests the arabic language standard for non-native speakers according to scientific criteria studied, thanking the Director of the Electronic University Dr. Abdullah Al-Musa for adopting this idea of establishing the program and supporting it until the launch of the work. It's today.

The standard Arabic test program (two hours) consists of questions spread over five parts including listening, viewing, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as a 20% linguistic system, taking into account the diversity adopted in the standard scientific tests. That includes objective questions, and essays that require writing or oral expression.

The Standard Arabic Test Questions Bank has more than 20,000 questions, spread over 416 models, which the E-University is constantly feeding, while benefiting from this advanced-level test (C1-2) in the Common European Language Reference Framework.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by e-university agents, faculty teachers, faculty members, and a group of arabic-language interests from inside and outside the Kingdom, and a group of university staff.