College of Science and Theoretical Studies

College of Science and Theoretical Studies


The Faculty of Science and Theoretical Studies offers a bachelor's program in English and translation. The Department of English and Translation at the Saudi Electronic University was established at the beginning of the academic year 1435/1434 with the approval of the Council of Higher Education at its 75th session held on 1435/2/1 resolution No. (23/75/1435). The department, which offers a bachelor's degree in translation, looks forward to being a leader in the field of translation in Saudi Arabia by adopting a specialized qualitative program that adopts a sophisticated modern scientific teaching methodology characterized by a variety of teaching methods, the use of technology and modern teaching methods in all courses and levels of the program, and based on providing an in-depth knowledge of those enrolled in it, as well as giving them sufficient amount of practical knowledge in translation and interpretation. The top priority of the Department of English and Translation is to prepare its linguistic enrollees, provide them with an intensive knowledge, increase their linguistic knowledge proficiency, and increase their relevant cultural knowledge in English, which establishes a constructive ground for creating bridges of knowledge communication with English-speaking peoples around the world, and leads them to be able to translate in both translation and oral forms. The student studies the Department of English and Translation over a period of four years several subjects including language skills courses, as well as courses in theoretical linguistics, as well as courses in translation as the main course in the department program, and when the applicant expressed his desire to join the department, the student enrolls in the first year of the joint, where he studies over two semesters intensive English language, and other subjects in order to raise his level in English. Upon successful completion of the first year of the participating year, the student has a score of (65) in the Step test to enter the English language department. After joining the English Department, the applicant studies general courses representing the requirements of the University, the courses of the requirements of the department, which include language skills courses in order to refine the ability of the enrollein in the department linguistically, materials in linguistic linguistics, materials in translation in both the translation and oral parts, and courses in three scientific courses, namely law, management, and health informatics, one of which is chosen and represents 127 hours of study. Looking at these data, the department looks forward to gaining solid scientific knowledge and sufficient practical experience in the field of translation that gives them excellence and excellence, and then provides the community with highly qualified translation competencies that have received a share of knowledge and practical ity through comprehensive and flexible approaches closely related to the needs of society, and keep up with the new changes in the labor market, and the requirements of sustainable development.

Graduates Skills

To equip students with highly specialized English and Arabic translation and interpretation skills.

To enable prospective students to develop a reflective approach to translation and interpretation as well as an awareness of a range of translation strategies and techniques.

To ensure holders of bachelor's degrees have a high level of competence in translating various types of texts into English or Arabic in various contexts.

To equip students with sufficient linguistics-related knowledge in both Arabic and English, refine their skills in both languages, and assist them in applying this knowledge to the tasks of translation and interpretation.

To prepare students to perform competently in translating and interpreting in multiple arenas.

To train and expose students to relevant technological advances in the fields of translation and interpretation.

Future Careers

Graduates of the Bachelor of English Language and Translation Program will have the advanced translation and interpretation training necessary to work in many areas, including,

The media

The military and security industries



Business and commerce


Tourism and the airline industry

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